Saturday, October 31, 2009

Leeches, Scars?

Can leeches make keloids scars go way, or heal??Thanks!!
No. Leeches drink blood, they don't eat skin. And they would prefer a spot where the skin is not so thick, so they would just move to a different spot. The best ways to reduce a keloid, without a doctor, is to use Mederma. It's available over the counter in many places. It works best on young or new scars, or in the healing phase, but will do some good even for old scars. Failing that, dermatologists use lasers to reduce them and sometimes surgery to remove and resect them if need be. There are also other scar reducing creams and ointments available by prescription. Unfortunately, there are no cheap and 100% guaranteed methods. But leeches definitely won't work.
No. Scars are a special kind of tissue, which form over a healed wound. Since leeches just drain blood and don't resurface the skin, they don't affect scar tissue. They are sometimes useful in hematomas and certain other problems. There are scar treatments ranging from creams that can fade discoloration, to laser resurfacing, to surgical "scar revision." None of these completely remove the scar tissue, but can make them less apparent.
Leeches are currently used in certain medical procedures where controlling bleeding is an important though difficult task (ex, capillaries in skin grafts).I have not heard of them being used for skin disorders, but I dont know if I would risk it - a large number of cases where leeches are used result in infection - which when you are trying to recontruct an eyelid is one thing, but for something less essential might not be worth the risk. Good Luck

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